The Chapel

and his rose garden !

And yes ! The Amusement park in Normandy, l’Ange Michel conceals secrets, you will see in the heart of the park a pretty Chapelle which is part of the history of the park !

Atypical, isn’t it ?

History of the Chapel

This chapel was restored between 1989 and 1991 by the créateur du Parc, M. Gouvenou (former mason). It was used as a relay for pilgrims going from Mont-Saint-Michel to Saint Jacques de Compostelle. On the pediment of this one, one can see there shells Saint Jacques symbol, of these travelers.

A mass on Saint Michael’s Day and the magnificent rose garden

Every year, on Saint Michael’s Day and in his honor, we celebrate a mass there around September 29. It is the unavoidable appointment of the visitors “our old ones” who love to enjoy the petit train to go up the hill and walk around the park, if the weather is good! Moreover, all the way to the chapel is decorated with pretty roses to discover all along the walk! Notice to the amateurs!