For the whole family !

There’s like a little breeze in the park! Come on, the whole family in the whirlwind, a merry-go-round with the colors of Angy the adventurer , adults and children love it ! This is an activity not to be missed during your family outing.

Don’t miss it !

This attraction has 8 carts that turn on themselves. We find ourselves face to face and then back to back, enough for losing our heads ! Our mascot Angy, looking strangely like a knowledge adventurer, guides you during the ride. Located in the middle of the nature, just like the park !

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+ 95 cm

History of the Whirlwind

This family roller-coaster is a spinning coaster, his builder is Gosetto, a well-known Italian manufacturer in the field of attractions. This was the new attraction of 2018 and it’s very appreciated by the families.

The opinion of Christine, grandmother of Cali 5 years old, on the Whirlwind.

“I love this merry-go-round because I can do it with my granddaughter, what a joy to share these moments of amusement together.”