Attraction familiale - sidecars volants

Sidecars volants

An interactive ride !

Come on bikers !

Who wants to go full throttle aboard superb “Flying Sidecars” ? Let’s go for a frenzied race !

It’s a ride where you will really be an actor : use the handle of the motorcycle and the sidecar will tilt higher and higher. Notice to bikers ! This is a must-see attraction during your out day family. This ride is composed of 8 sidecars, it will take you about 2.30 min of happiness !

Sidecars Volants

The video

History of the Flying Sidecars

The family carousel is a Sidecar, its manufacturer is Technical Park, a well-known Italian manufacturer in the field of attractions. It was the 2019 new that the families like a lot with his interactive side. This attraction was voted best family ride in 2018 “European star award”.

Sidecars Volants

Emeline’s opinion about the Flying Sidecars

“I really liked this ride, it’s really great. My 5 years old son was able to drive the bike and i was the passenger. Every time he turned the throttle, the sidecar was flying. We both had a good time.”