Descentes Aquatiques

Sensational water slides !

Unforgettable water descents : laughter and sensations

Explore our water descents and enjoy a refreshing experience with unique sensations: a smooth slide in the yellow slide, a faster and colorful slide in the new blue slide and an ultra-fast slide in the new green slide.

News 2024 : Discover our two new slides: a thrilling slide for adrenaline seekers and a tubular slide with brightly colored lights for a captivating visual experience. A double dose of excitement awaits you !

Place to the good mood !

Be prepared for a memorable experience, accompanied by the gentle murmur of water and the contagious laughter of the participants.

The aquatic area will be open from 01 July until 01 September 2024.

parc aquatique normandie

Infos sécurité

Toboggans jaune et bleu : à partir de 1,20 m

Toboggan vert : à partir de 1.40 m