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My group consists of families, colleagues or friends…

Welcome to Ange Michel amusement park, the ideal place to share various emotions in tribe! As many attractions to satisfy the smallest as the greatest!

Offer on reservation from 20 persons (adults and children confused)

Reservation contract



Single Tariff (adult or child)


practical training

  • Entry and meals of the free bus driver

Many avantages :

  • A park entrance is specifically reserved for groups, which avoids waiting
  • The safety and comfort of groups are among our priorities.
  • Covered areas are planned within the park for picnic, we help you carry your picnic, using a vehicle if necessary.
  • Practical dress, easy-to-remove shoes and bathing suits (for the Aquatic open in June, July, August) are advised. Payment can be made cash or by order form and an invoice will be given on the day of your visit.
  • Parking is free for coaches and we reserve space.

Also discover our meal method :

menus 2016



P’tit Minot*

19.5 €


24 €


28 €

*P ‘tit Minot menu reserved only for children up to 11 years old

Many avantages :

  •     Group menu served
  •     Other group menus are available on request

Reservation contract