2 solutions for the works council

Individual visits

In the form of ticket office

The works council have the possibility to buy directly at the theme park Ange Michel works council tickets, and then sell it to the differents employees and for their family (husband, children).

Numerous assets :
☛ Minimum purchase of 25 tickets for the season at the first order and then as much as you want
☛ Tickets valid 2 seasons, no exchangable, no  refundable
☛ e-ticket service, quick and easier (you directly receive tickets by mail)
☛ No loss
☛ No waiting time at the entrance

téléphone : 02 33 49 04 74

To get prices and practical information

Group visits

My group is composed of my colleagues and their families

Offer on booking  from 20 persons  (adults and children)

Booking agreement

Unique price
(adults or children)


Practical information

  • Driver’s entrance and meal are free

Numerous assets :

  • Special entrance for groups
  • Security and comfort are our priority
  • Covered places are planed inside to eat, we help you to bring your meals thanks to the vehicule
  • Practical clothes, a swimmwear (for the Aquatic open in june, july and august) are advised
  •  Payment can be upfront or by order form and you will receive a bill the day of your visit
  •  The car park is free for buses, we book an area

 Discover our set menues :

menus 2016


P’tit Minot*

19.50  €


 24.00 €


28.00 €

*Menu P’tit Minot reseved for children till 11

 Numerous assets :

  •     Group set menues are served
  •     Other group menues are available on request
  •     Bus driver’s entrance and meal are free

Booking agreement